Getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful

If your closet is barely closing from all the clothes, but you still don’t have what to wear, you might want to consider decluttering and reorganizing everything. Build a mindful closet by using these guidelines:

1. Invest in quality items

Owning well-made basics, which are timeless such as the immaculate white shirt or a pair of perfectly fitting jeans, is not a waste of money.

2. Practicality over impulse

Before buying something just because you like it, ask yourself if you have something to wear with that and in how many combinations you could use it.

3. Dress for now, not for next year

Buying clothes that are not your size or your style, thinking that in a few months they will fit or that you will feel the need to spice up your outfits will only lead to an overstuffed closed. Buy them after those few months when they fit or when you really want to change your style.

4. Have one or two emergency outfits

Having a ‘to go’ dress can save you from a lot of trouble when you have to attend an event and there is no time for thinking your outfit. However, one or two dresses should be enough for your ‘safe’ or better said ‘signature’ pieces, since you are not going to use them so often.

5. Respect your clothes as you respect yourself

Try to keep your clothes in a single closet and in a way that you can see them all. Hang all the delicate pieces and fold the rest of them with care, don’t let them rest on the floor or in the back of the wardrobe, you will just forget about them.

6. Be curious about who made your clothes

Check the brands that you like, see how ethical they are, if your beliefs are similar with their approach and decide if they deserve to be worn by you.

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