Isabel Manns’ Romanticism and Functionality at lfw

Article for Fashion Scout

Isabel Manns is all about functionality and minimum waste when it comes to fabrics. The British womenswear brand was founded in 2018 and if offers high quality, classic and reversible clothes. The same item can be easily be worn during the day and then turned over into an evening piece.

The SS20 collection was presented as a summer dream. You could almost feel the smell of freshly washed clothes drying in the sunlight. Fluid, floral fabrics were hanging on the racks as the models were coming out on the Bob Dylan’s song, Like A Rolling Stone.

The colour pallet goes from fire red to indigo which gave a romantic note to the collection. Besides romanticism, the items are also practical, from a baby blue day top you can easily get a white elegant top just by turning it over.

“The idea came to life when I wanted to produce in Britain. So I thought how can you buy British, but at the same time be sustainable. That’s why I designed two outfits in one.”


The brand wants to highlight the overconsumption we are living in and how we can reduce it. Isbael Manns has its supply chain in UK, so it can be closely monitored.  Any leftover fabrics are turned into scarfs or if the pieces of fabric are too little, the become art. For instance, they created sculptures out of the scrap fabric from this collection, that were exhibited during the presentation.

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