Swedish Students Challenging the Norms

Swedish Students Challenging the Norms
Article for Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week

The Swedish School of Textiles focuses on combining art and technology in order to help their students produce innovative textiles and designs. This season, 14 students showcased their graduate collections.

There was a general focus on functionality, both of the cloth and the body. Items such as phosphorescent safety vest, aluminium foil, bed sheets, but also sparkling embellishments and fluid fabrics were used to produce out of the ordinary, but wearable outfits.

When it comes to diversity on the catwalk, from body types to skin colour, there was a bit of everything.  Also, glowy, natural makeup and messy pony tails completed the looks.

Each collection was challenging the way we normally use the clothes. Questions such as: What does it mean to wear something? What new textile techniques for creating new kinds of clothing can be found? What are the norms for arranging clothing in relation to the body? were some of the key thoughts behind the collections.

The students participating in Fashion Scout SS20 were:

  • Hedda Röök Carlson- write drunk/edit sober
  • Malin Ewen- Functional Solutions
  • Kristine Boström- Frictions of the Body
  • Elin Arvidsson- #inbed
  • Felicia Bexell- MINDTRIP
  • Elin Meijer- Over and Out
  • Linn Sjögren- Tourist
  • Matilda Book- Influencer/ Influentza
  • Ellen Larsson- Conventional Fashion
  • Elin Blixt- Fillings
  • Hanna Isaksson- Incorporate Layers
  • Fredrik Möller- Step Into My Office
  • Irma Skjöth Hedlund- Female/Body/Lines
  • Tove Berner-Wik- Shiny Things

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