Romantic Tran Hung Closes Fashion Scout SS20

Article for Fashion Scout, during London Fashion Week 

Tran Hung is a romantic and pours that into his collections, which differentiate him from the rest. His collection closed the SS20 Fashion Scout week and it was the perfect, fairy-tale end we all needed after an intense fashion week.

The romantic vibe was definitely there for the SS20 Tran Hung’s collection. Nudes, red and black were part of the colour scheme for this season. Fabrics such as tulle, silk and lace made up fluid, floaty dresses that took us to fantasy realm. The see-through, penetrating fabrics, which showed off their curves in a very delicate way without exposing too much were stimulating the viewers curiosity in a beautiful way.

 He takes his inspiration from the beauty of Vietnam where he was born and raised. He is proud of his cultural heritage and that can be seen trough all his collections.

With full elements of nature and nationality brought into each garment, Tran Hung always want to make his customers feel precious. One thing that marks the sutures of Tran Hung collections is the fact that all the looks are hand-woven with Silk.

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