A-Jane: A Fusion of Emotion and Art at lfw

Article for Fashion Scout London.

Alice Jane, the creative mind behind A-Jane, started out by studying new music composition which allowed her to push her imagination beyond social boundaries. Jane, originally from Malaysia, founded A-Jane in 2016 by fusing her inner emotions and art while embracing one’s imperfections as a form of pure perfection.

This season A-Jane presented ‘Perception’, a modern collection of asymmetrical designs. The outfits were animated by combinations of bold colours layered on neutral tones. The main fabric of the collection is cotton which offers comfort and durability. Never afraid of experimenting, Jane, also used matte silver, deep blue, and warm orange to spice up the collection.

Asymmetry is a strong point in A-Jane’s aesthetic, which helped her to create a series of avant-garde silhouettes. Volumes and structured movements were created by the 3D pleats. This collection is dedicated to the ones who are always curious and ready to experiment with modern wear.

On Instagram, A-Jane refers to the brand as being a ‘fashion composer’ which captures perfectly the designer’s approach to fashion. She is a composer, designer, and artist altogether. A-JANE wants to challenge the mainstream norms and abstract forms of art whilst having created every individual piece to reflect everything she holds important.

all photos were taken by me during the show

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