LFW SS20 at Fashion Scout

This year, during London Fashion Week I worked as a writer for Fashion Scout. Here are my insights about the SS20 collections and trends:

5 Key Beauty Trends for SS20

As we approach the end of Fashion Scout SS20 we are remembering the top beauty trends that have hit the catwalk or our presentation space, whether that’s neon eye shades, deconstructed eyeliner or naturally messy make-up. Continue reading on Fashion Scout

A-Jane: A Fusion of Emotion and Art

Jane founded A-Jane in 2016 by fusing her inner emotions and art. Whilst embracing one’s imperfections as a form of pure perfection, she unleashed her passion for philosophical art fueled by her creative process. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Rohmir’s Voyage

Swiss luxury fashion brand, Rohmir explores the influence of haute couture and the idea of ‘body sculpting without surgery’. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

A Vote of Self Confidence from THISNORTHAT

This season THISNORTHAT presented their debut collection at Fashion Scout. THISNORTHAT aren’t concerned about labels, they aim to make adults act like children again and are interested in countering social issues with fun solutions. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Simon Mo Explores the End of the Night

Simon Mo’s Malaysian upbringing gave him a different perspective on womenswear. The brand focuses on nature, history and culture, all of these in relation to imagining the future. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Shopyte’s Take on Sustainable Luxury

As a brand, Shopyte brings classic femininity and sustainability together. Dovilė Šopytė, is the designer behind the brand, aims to promote quality over quantity, as well as aiming to encourage women to feel in harmony with themselves. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Fashion Scout’s Merit Award: Wen Pan’s Broken Beauty

Wen Pan was the winner of The Merit Award SS20, a globally acclaimed and fully sponsored show at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. Wen Pan is a London based womenswear label, launched in 2018. Wen graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

FAD: The Youngest Designers of the Season

Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) is a charity which believes in equal opportunities regardless of the background you are coming from. FAD’s mission is to help young people make it into the tough world of fashion. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Pam Hogg: Best in Show

Pam Hogg’s extravagant perspective on the world is still alive and making waves. This season she introduced us into the ironic world of beauty pageants for dogs. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Swedish Students Challenging the Norms

The Swedish School of Textiles focuses on combining art and technology in order to help their students produce innovative textiles and designs. This season 14 students showcased their graduate collections. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Isabel Manns’ Romanticism and Functionality

Isabel Manns is all for functionality and minimum waste when it comes to fabrics. The British womenswear brand was founded in 2018 and offers high quality, classic and reversible clothes. The same item can easily be worn during the day and as an evening piece. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

Romantic Tran Hung Closes Fashion Scout SS20

Vietnamese designer Tran Hung closed Fashion Scout on Sunday evening with a romantic, fairytale-inspired collection . Nudes, red and black were part of the colour scheme for this season. Continue reading on Fashion Scout.

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