Divest Magazine

Editor’s note

I am delighted to introduce you to the first issue of Divest Magazine. In this day and age where overconsumption and overpopulation seem to be the new normal, we want to explore and promote living with less. Living with less objects, and less people.

This issue talks about solitude, climate change, circular fashion practices, and privilege. We believe that minimalism and sustainability are interconnected, therefore we want to expose creatives that take the environment into account, and to show you fashion and art that were created by reusing, recycling, borrowing, and repurposing fabrics and objects.

Donald Judd, an American artist, considered the pioneer of minimalism, explained this concept as: the simple expression of complex thought. As you might have noticed that is our motto. The purpose of Divest Magazine is to inform and raise awareness on pressing issues such as the climate crisis, in a simple and beautiful format, but at the same time to inspire our readers to be mindful and to consume less.

These being said I hope you are going to enjoy Divest’s pages:

This magazine is part of my dissertation.

Divest Magazine was chosen to be part of the People and Planet Collection during the UAL Graduate Showcase, check it out here: https://graduateshowcase.arts.ac.uk/collection/9

*I produced this magazine in a print format as part of my MA final project. I did the editorial design, writing, editing, commissioning and art direction for the whole magazine.

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