Declutter in sync with the environment, not against it

Taking a minimalist approach to life implies that we are going to get rid of things that we don’t actually need. But it’s not just about reducing the number of our possessions, it’s about being able to emotionally detach from objects. This however doesn’t mean you can’t value them or take care of them so that they last for as long as possible.

On top of that, once you start making those piles of useless objects, the way you dispose of them is highly important. Just throwing them in the bin, won’t do it. By doing that, you don’t really reduce anything, you just move your clutter from your apartment to a landfill. The whole point is to minimalize your possessions in a sustainable way, and here are some ways to do that:

Sell x Swap x Donate x Rent
the best formula to get rid of anything in your house

1. Selling

something that is really easy these days, from creating an Instagram page with the stuff you are selling to joining websites such as The Real Real (for luxury pre-owned items) or the Depop app (social shopping platform, especially chosen by teens).
If selling online is not your thing, try going to a second-hand market. Booking a table is usually not expensive and if you get together with some friends you can have the coolest boutique and sell all your stuff whilst having fun meeting new people and negotiating prices.

2. Swapping

clothes and objects with your friends is also fun and you get to refresh your wardrobe and house without spending any money and without creating any waste.

3. Donations

are a bit tricky because if you go to some random charities your clothes might still end up in the landfill, while when you sell them you know they go to somebody who really wants that item. Not to worry, donations are still a sustainable way to get rid of clothes, all it takes is a bit of research. And I’ve already done some for you.
Did you ever buy or get a bra that was too large or too tight? Or even underwear that you never wore because you realized you don’t like it, or you picked the wrong size. If you own new underwear and gently worn bras you can send them to Smalls for All. Smalls for All is a Scottish charity which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa and in the United Kingdom.
How about suits? Both female and male office outfits can be donated to Suited for Success. Every suit and item of smart clothing will dress someone ready to face an interview with confidence and make that great first impression.
If you are interested in giving away more general items and accessories, FARA Charity accepts all kind of clothes and house object and you can receive an e-mail of how much money they raised from selling your stuff. FARA Charity was founded in 1991 and they are helping abandoned children in Romania.
There are loads of charities out there, these are just a few that will actually need and use your items. Check your local area, there might be a local charity shop that can make use of your things. Ask them about how they are processing donations, whom they are helping and what kind of items they would need most.

4. Renting

is another cool way of saving money, whilst dressing in a killer designer outfit for a special event. Indeed, there are some environmental costs to clothing rental sites such as dry cleaning and transportation, but it definitely beats buying pieces that you are going to wear for one or two events in your life. Here are some clothing rental sites to consider: (USA) (UK) (UK) (AU) (UK)

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