Raw romance at Wen Pan AW20 presentation during LFW

While these days the relevance of Fashion Week is debated more and more, I had the chance to attend Wen Pan’s presentation during London Fashion Week AW20, which was a fresh perspective on this event.

For AW20 Wen Pan prepared a broken garden with blossomed models. Ditching the usual catwalk show for a presentation, the designer presented her vision in a room that made you feel like in a botanical garden. The difference was that this garden was made out of waste and the models were part of this organic environment, graciously moving from time to time.  

AW20 Wen pan collection explores the quietness in chaos and celebrates the romance in traces of human activities. The main inspiration was what is left after a flower market ended. When the people and the stalls are gone, there are always flowers, petals, steams smashed on the road or into the water and all together they create a raw romance vibration.

The clothes were broken and deconstructed with smashed flowers as a print. Sheer cotton was used in contrast with textured and coated cotton alluding to the wet, rough roads. Everything was constructed as cracked trenches and fluid dresses, along with washed raw finishes. The atmosphere was surreal, offering a moment of peace in a noisy surrounding.

All the flowers and the props fort the presentation have been sourced from waste materials, trying to give a second life to these abandoned beauties.

Wen Pan is a London based womenswear label, that expands the content of ‘Poetic Resistance’ representing the vision of Chinese aesthetic.

Presentations instead of catwalk shows are not so unusual at a fashion week, but I believe we are going to see more and more alternative events during the fashion week, changing the way this event works. For instance, this year, at London Fashion Week there was the first ever swap shop and hopefully we are going to see more and more positive changes like this.

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