Getting ready for a Christmas Zoom-Work-Party

If you worked mostly from home you probably didn’t socialize a lot with your co-workers, except for meeting calls and e-mails, but no catching up while getting a cup of coffee or during lunch breaks. I personally feel disconnected from my colleagues, even if we have daily calls, I think that my social skills degraded.

Well, it’s like someone sensed my feelings because a few days ago I’ve received an invitation to the Zoom Christmas party from where I work. How do you even engage with different people on zoom? I confirmed my attendance, and I’ve started thinking what to wear. Ok, just the upper half is visible, but I haven’t gone to any sort of event in months. Let me fantasize as if I am going out to some glam party.

Truly speaking you are a small rectangle on the screen and people won’t pay special attention to you, so anything comfortable will work. But if you are like me, longing for getting to dress up with a purpose, here are some things you can try:

Hairstyle– you probably don’t want to go over the top, but styling your hair a bit feels really nice. Try some loose curls, a messy bun with Christmassy accessories or a simple hair clip.

Earrings– small or big, anything that makes you feel festive. Maybe you have a precious pair for special events, well just wear them with a comfy jumper, don’t wait for anything extra special.

Necklace– if you go with some basic earrings, maybe a golden necklace will lift your spirits.

Top– this is the only visible piece of clothing, that if you don’t plan dancing in front of the camera with the rest of your colleagues (go for it!), so pick a blouse that is not blending with your background. Maybe something that you haven’t worn in ages or if you choose to buy something new make sure you can wear it in various combinations after!

In the end I’ve worn a fluffy, baby-blue jumper, some make-up and a bun with side bangs, and I’ve replaced the alcohol with a big cup of tea. Not the best party of my life as you can image, but better than nothing.

The beauty of online partying is that you make your own rules, even a blanket can be the star of your outfit. Everything that could improve your mood is allowed. Also, there is no need for a bag, so replace that with a glass of good wine / tea and some snacks. Happy-zoom-partying!

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