Color of the Year 2022 Is Very Pery. Why Do We Still Care About Trends?

Pantone Has Spoken. 2022 Is Going to Be a Fusion of Blue + Violet, a color named Very Pery

A new completely new color was created by Pantone in order to reflect what’s to come in 2022. If fluffiness would have a specific color this would be it, encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, this color makes you think of soft and delicate shapes.

Pantone’s annual color forecast is a calendar event for all creative industries, signaling the color that will influence the coming year of fashion, interior and product design, and art.

But why does it matters?

When I’ve first seent the news I thought to myself, hmm that’s a good color, I like it, I could say I was even kind of excited. It’s true I love colors and all the ways you can create new hues, but other than that I don’t know how having a color of the year will help me in my personal life.

When it comes to marketing and designing makes more sense, but would that color actually bring in more creativity, purpose, and ultimately sales? I am not sure.

Trend forecasting aims to map the path between what consumers are doing, wearing, watching, listing, buying now and what they might want to do, wear, watch, listen, buy in the next few months or years. It should also be used to create in a way that will reduce waste so that items that are not wanted won’t be overproduced, but that’s not really happening these days.

A trend, in this case, a color, matters if you activate in a domain that would benefit from it, it won’t most likely improve your life in any way. But it will give you a sense of what you could craft digitally or manually, or produce in the next months in order to please customers. It’s important to say that you should know your audience very well, and predict if they will actually jump on the next trend.

So, yes, trends are great for business, and understanding the zeitgeist, and driving more sales, which don’t get me wrong is great. But from a consumer’s point of view, or better said from a how it helps my life point of view, other than, giving visual pleasure, I’d say a trend does not do much for you. I am not opposed to following trends, as long as they are a good fit for you.

“The word ‘trend’ is a little bit like the word ‘luxury’ — nobody really knows what it is anymore, where it starts, where it ends,” said Pierre-François Le Louët, president of Paris-based trend forecasting agency NellyRodi in an interview for BoF.

Why do we follow trends, though?

“Desire and anxiety are at the heart of this. We’re drawn to the new and novel, to things that provide a feeling of change, and, perhaps, progress. We also want to belong — to be part of something recognizable.” — Rebecca Arnold, author of Fashion: A Very Short Introduction

This is called the bandwagon effect, which is the tendency people have to adopt a certain behavior, style, or attitude simply because everyone else is doing it. The more people that adopt a particular trend, the more likely it becomes that other people will also hop on the bandwagon.

“The bandwagon effect is part of a larger group of cognitive biases or errors in thinking that influence the judgments and decisions that people make. Cognitive biases are often designed to help people think and reason more quickly, but they often introduce miscalculations and mistakes.”— Kendra Cherry, Bandwagon Effect as a Cognitive Bias

Simply put we want to belong, we conform when we see that a lot of people are doing something (for example joining a new social media app), we want to be on the winning side and we want to fit in. All normal desires for social beings, but they are not always going to be fulfilled by jumping on the latest wagon.

To follow or not to follow

I find this new color revitalizing, so I will consider using it in some of my paintings and wearing it because I genuinely like it. But for instance, in 2021 Pantone chose 2 colors of the year Ultimate Gray (the name says it all) and Illuminating (a stunningly bright yellow), a combination that does not suit me, so I didn’t bring it into my personal life, and luckily I didn’t have to in the professional one. I have to say that the combination was a good choice for 2021 because life felt grey and we were all waiting for some hope and sunshine, I love how 2 colors can tell the story of a year, but that doesn’t mean I will use them if not relevant or suitable.

Check with your desires on jumping on the latest trend before doing it, don’t just follow any trendy blindly. If they bring some value to your personal life (beautiful aesthetics that give you joy) or in your professional one, use it wisely.

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