5 YouTube Trainers That Made Me Enjoy Working Out at Home

I’d never liked training at home before

I’ve started my fitness journey when I was 14 years old, and I’ve first stepped into an old, underground gym, and I never stopped from there on. I didn’t become a professional athlete, trainer, or bodybuilder, but ever since then, I’ve tried different gyms, types of classes, trainers, and equipment. Working out is an essential part of my life now, even at home.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Until the pandemic, I was not able to workout at home, and it’s not like I haven’t tried. I would always do some exercises I used to do in the gym or I would put a video to follow, but I would almost never complete the workout. Then the next day (to read days) I would play hooky. Once I would re-join a class or gym, I was back in business. The only thing I was able to do was to run outside, which doesn’t count as training at home, right?

When the gyms closed in 2020, I was determined not to stop training, but of course, I didn’t do much in the first months. I knew I lack discipline more than anything, so I’ve started to do any kind of workout once a day, no matter how short, just to build the habit.

A year later, I have to say that I still struggle sometimes, especially when I am traveling, but I didn’t join another gym for now. I was able to build a workout routine for free thanks to these trainers from YouTube:

  1. MrandMrsMuscle — I’ve started with their 14 Days Lose Belly Fat Program which made me keep going. A workout is around 20 minutes, which is perfect for when you are just starting out, I used to get bored very quickly when I’ve started to workout at home.
  2. Yoga with Adriene — I bet you are not surprised that this is here, this channel impacted millions of lives in the pandemic. I used to exclude yoga as an workout in the past, but stretching, learning to breathe deeply and becoming more flexible are essential for both recovery and better performance. Not to add the mental health benefits.
  3. Caroline Girvan — This girl made me sweat like no one else! If you prefer workouts with no repretion, this one is for you. She has lots of workouts where you don’t have to do multiple sets of the same exercise, which made me actually complete the workouts, even if they were 40 to 60 minutes.
  4. Bailey Brown — Some days there will be no time for a full workout, but moving the body and elevating that heart rate for a few minutes can energize you better than a RedBull. This girl has the most exusthing 5 to 10 minutes workouts, try one right when you are out of the bed (just for fun).
  5. GAINSBYBRAINS — She is more of a lifestyle inspiration for me, as I am trying to eat healthy and get tin shape, following her tips and seeing how she is preparing her meals helped. She has a channel decated to workouts as well, and I am going to try one of them tomorrow.

I hope you find at least one workout from this list that will make you move your body at home as well. Please, be mindful of your body and try to do the exercises correctly, if you are really new to working out start with the beginner videos and consider working with a trainer as well.

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