How to Read Efficiently. Action After Every Book.

Reading about how to be healthier, financially free, smarter, better at something, etc. is just the first step. Is there a simple way to actually cement the key points of a book and then go practice what is useful for you?

I’ve recently seen an article about someone who after reading 100+ books and isolating from friends to focus on his improvement, a year later, the state of his life was the same. I relate to that as well. I love reading just as an activity not only to learn or get something out of it but when reading certain helpful books I want to remain with something and do something after that reading.

I rarely put in practice right away something that I’ve read about and that I considered useful for my lifestyle and goals. But in the last month, I’ve developed a different reading practice to help me with that. Here it is:

1. Sticky notes

When I am starting any kind of book, no matter the purpose, I am putting a few post-its on the inside cover and I try to have a pen next to me. Everything that sparks something in me goes down on the post-it, and I usually put the post-it to the page where the idea came from, so I can easily find the whole thing when needed.

2. My conclusions

After finishing a book it’s really useful to write down or at least think about the overall conclusion. I usually write some bullet points with what I can remember without looking at any pages and then think about how likely I am to apply any of them and where. I try to get as specific as possible.

3. What can I do now?

After my conclusions, I am picking one thing that I can apply in the day. No matter how small, it has to be something I will relate to that book and which will improve something in my day.

4. Tell others

Telling your friends about what you’ve read it’s such a good way to keep those new learnings in your brain. You don’t need to give any spoilers, but you can highlight what you’ve found useful and what part you think they might enjoy as well.

Bonus: Try Tom Bilyeu’s ABR= always be reading systems, which includes audiobooks as well:

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What other tricks are you using to make use of what are you reading?

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