3 Ridiculous Habits That Make You Bloat

3 Ridiculous Habits That Make You Bloat

Stop These To Avoid Getting Bloated

It happens to everyone. Feeling bloated after a nice meal, regardless of how healthy or not it was, is not pleasant. I am a bit obsessed with wellness, so I follow several nutritionists and courses, along with trainers from around the world. They all have their tips for not getting bloated, but not surprisingly some are the same.


I am a fast eater, I can eat a lot, and I don’t make the best food combinations, no wonder I get bloated after every meal. So, while I was trying all kinds of things, I’ve realized that I was avoiding committing to changing some of the worst habits every specialist pleads to stop doing. Once, I’ve focused on that I’ve started to see results and feel a lot better after every meal.

Here are the worst habits that you need to stop to keep a flat tummy:

1. Eating While Watching Something

TV, Netflix, Youtube, you name it, whatever you watch while eating has to stop. Studies show that we tend to eat more when we’re distracted — both in the moment of distraction and later on in the day. We are not really aware of what are we eating, and it’s difficult for our brain to signal the satiety feeling when it’s caught in the middle of an explosion or a murder. That leads to eating until we are almost bursting and of course to feeling bloated, and in the long run to weight gain as well.

2. Not Chewing Enough

Not chewing food properly can lead to digestive issues. Digestion starts in the mouth, as proper chewing would enable the salivary glands to release an alkaline enzyme called ptyalin — this would help break the food into simple sugars. This can also make you eat more than needed, digest harder, and feel really heavy after a meal. Plus not chewing properly can cause you to experience heartburn, constipation, and acid reflux.

3. Fruits At The End Of The Meal

There is a lot of debate on this one. From personal experience, if I don’t eat fruits right after a meal I will avoid bloating for sure. One of the most common arguments for avoiding fruits after a meal is that sugar plus carbohydrates plus bacteria may result in the fermentation of the food, which may hamper your digestive system. Macrobiotic Coach and Nutritionist, Shilpa Arora ND states in an article that “Fruits are a meal in itself. They should never be combined with main meals. The sugar in fruits gets fermented if they are digested with heavy proteins that usually take time in digestive processes.”

You will need to update these to your needs of course, and everything can be tweaked or broken for that matter if that is better for you.

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