To Be Or Not To Be That Girl

To Be Or Not To Be That Girl

How to Respond to the Latest Wellness Trend on Social Media

If you are spending time watching tik-toks or reels and have an interest in aesthetics and a healthy lifestyle, you most likely came across videos of that girlThat girl that wakes up super early and does it all in the right way, from working out to visually pleasing meals, to a beautiful home to journaling, to working, meditating hustling, and socializing, all in one day. She is great really, she seems to enjoy her schedule and has no problem sticking to it.

This trend started a few months ago, and while in theory, it promotes movement, healthy food, and activities, it kind of misses the point of a well-lived lifestyle. These videos are 5 to 10 seconds long, showing these bits of polished aesthetics that should make up for around 15 hours from a day.

The main character is usually a beautiful, slim, young girl. I’ve googled that boy on google and I’ve got nothing, I am sure there are some videos, but doesn’t seem to be a social media trend for men. Are men already have it all? Or they just don’t care as much?

Anyway, I have to say I like that girl, and in a way, I want to be her, a lot of my routine looks like hers already, not thanks to her though. But at the same time, I think becoming that girl will do more damage than good if it takes you away from who you are. After thinking about her a bit more, I’ve realized that she is the generic girl from a high school movie, usually the popular cheerleader, that on the outside has it all together. I know that the creators of such videos won’t necessarily fit this pattern in their real life, but I am talking about the person all these videos create, they all seem to create one big ‘perfect girl’.

In a way, I believe that this trend started with a good intention of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but like any trend, its purpose is to impress and sell some aesthetics rather than actually helping people to implement some changes in their life. Of course, I know, it’s social media, we are there for the fun of it, we know a lot of it is not real anyway. But do we really?

In the end, that girl is just another false ideal created by the media, but in a polished coat to look healthier. Rather than striving to become that girl who is a series of aesthetics, become the girlThe girl who does it her way, who knows herself so well that she doesn’t need to follow all the trends.

The girl will be disciplined when she wants to achieve something, and she will create her own routine for her needs. We are not all early rises, we are not all in love with avocado, green juices, or coffee and we are not all required to hustle. The girl will find her balance, she will test what’s working for her, she will be in touch with her deep desires and she will know her goals in life because she knows herself better than anyone.

I don’t think that we should follow some fixed rules, we all know that movement, nutritious food, spirituality, and challenging hobbies are necessary for a happy life. How we integrate them or not is up to us.

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