My Micro Habit That Helped Me Build More Good Habits

My Micro Habit That Helped Me Build More Good Habits

Is one habit really enough to start improving your life?

Whenever we see a title that says three easy, small, quick habits to improve your life in some way our brains want to see what they are. Even if you don’t click on the article, there still is that millisecond of wanting to find out more. The wellness media is now oversaturated in articles about habits, but we still read avidly about this topic. That’s a sign that something is not working for us, and that we still hope to discover some new habit that will make our life better faster.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? No matter how many articles about micro habits or macro habits you read, and no matter how many of those you say you will implement in your life, nothing will change. Of course, it won’t if they never actually transform into habits. You do them a few times and life gets in the way, or you never start, but you read more articles about magical habits anyway. I’m guilty of that as well, I usually consume more information about something that I want to change than it’s actually needed. I tell myself that this is valuable information, it’s not just entertainment, but let’s be honest after the 10th article or video that’s just avoiding getting started.

So How Do We Get From Consuming to Doing at Least 1% Of What We Read?

I kind of like the idea of micro habits, because a tiny change in your day-to-day activities can actually have a domino effect if you stick with it. It also does not require a lot of commitment, so it’s easier to start if you can choose one thing and not 100 to start with.

But What Is That One Baby Habit That Will Make Room for Other Good Habits? Could It Really Be Just One?

I believe that each of us needs to find out for ourselves since we have different goals in life. In my case, there is one micro habit that helped me change my attitude towards life. A few years ago I started to combat my negative thinking. And I know you are already rolling your eyes thinking “oh god another think positive tip!”, well just read the next line at least. I didn’t start to think pink, flowers, and smiley faces non-stop, but I did start to respond to negative thoughts such as “I’m not smart enough to be here” with “hey, I’m here because I want to learn more, and that shows I have a good level of smartness that will increase, anyway.”

I don’t try to deny or to put under the rug any negative thoughts, but I do question them. I’ve started to do that with negative thoughts about myself because there were a lot of them. After a while, this thought pattern began to act for my negative thoughts about other people and situations as well. Again, if something is clearly unpleasant I will not try to make it better by saying, “oh at least I’m alive”. I’ll be grateful that I’m alive in a separate context without any comparisons. Being grateful is important, and that could be your micro habit maybe. My micro habit of debating the negative thoughts is about getting more perspectives, gaining confidence, and just enjoying life. It’s not optimism, it’s a way to create choices, and I’m in charge of choosing the perspective that is right for me.

In my view, when you pick a micro habit it has to be one that challenges the way you usually think because once you think better and have more perspectives you will have the wiring to add other good habits to your life.

Micro habits to Improve Your Thinking:

  • Combating your negative thoughts (my example)
  • Gratitude
  • Visualizing your day / goal / life for 5 minutes every day
  • Journaling (translating your thoughts into sentences can be harder than it seems)
  • Meditating (I mean, how can it not be on this list?)
  • Comparing yourself only with yourself (if you ever start comparing your life with someone else’s, stop and turn that to how were you yesterday / 1 month ago / 1 year ago)

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