The December Race for Goals.

A month until 2023.

I guess that should feel big somehow, but it doesn’t. It’s like now we should be able to catch up with all our dreams and goals. Cram them all in this month. Find the discipline (that we didn’t build during the year), the motivation (that won’t come without discipline), the purpose (that kept sifting during the year), and just accomplish everything now, in the last 4 weeks of 2022. This is the most magical month, after all.

In the end, we get to share pictures and words of wisdom about our travels, promotion, new jobs, things we bought, the business we’ve failed at or succeeded at, good deeds, and so on.

Will December Just Push You to Your Goals?

The truth is that we won’t change our lives in one month, even if that’s the month when the guy that supposedly will end us and save us was born.

The hour, day, month, or year don’t matter. It doesn’t matter when you start. It matters how long you keep doing it after you start. To get to your goals you need the right habits that form by just doing what you need to day by day. They won’t magically embed in your being just because is December,

How about admitting that you are disappointed with your progress this year?

Not in a self-pity kind of way. In an objective, cold way, with no shameful or downgrading words, just facts.

I’ll start, I didn’t achieve most of my goals this year, and December won’t change that.

1. How did I set my goals?

2. Why those goals?

3. What have I done or achieved in other areas?

4. Do I need to adjust my goals or my expectations?

5. What habits are missing from my life?

I need to answer these, and you might need that too.

Now, go through the good things as well, even if they weren’t on the goal list. Every year no matter how boring or uneventful, we learn something about life, it’s an extra year of experience (and no it’s not wasted). And if this year sucked, it’s ok.

Stop setting New Year’s resolutions and start setting life resolutions. Naturally, you will unlock different goals every year to get there.

4 weeks until the New Year is here mean nothing. Don’t let one event like New Year’s Eve determine how you set goals or if your year was good or not. The finish line is not the end of the year, we don’t really know when that comes. so work toward the life you want.

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