About me

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio!

This where I showcase my creative work from writing to photography to great collaborations and projects. This is a bilingual space where I will post both in English & Romanian.

I am Călina Mureșan, freelance journalist and digital creator. I’ve recently completed my MA in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and before this I’ve studied journalism at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, in Cluj-Napoca.

I enjoy writing about fashion and sustainability, art and creatives, unusual lifestyles and consumerism, to name a few. I hope someday I will also dive more into writing academic articles about subjects such as greenwashing in the fashion industry, what is behind trends and collections, how the fashion landscape is changing and the role of media in this. At the moment, besides writing and photography I am working as content and graphic design assistant for an international home fashion brand.

I like creating visuals and styling photoshoots, I try to challenge myself to take a different approach every time I take my camera out. My dream is to start my own print magazine where we talk about arts and values and challenge the reader’s mind. I love magazines and while I was studying I’ve discovered how much I enjoy creating a magazine and how many wonderful magazine are out there. Some of my favourites are Aesthetica, Wonderland, Cereal, Dazed, Garage, Another man, Kinfolk.


See the CONTRIBUTOR sub-categories for links to my work and my LinkedIn for more about my professional skills.