About me


I am Călina Mureșan, freelance writer and digital creator, interested in fair fashion, history of fashion trends, how this industry works behind the glam scenes, but I also have an affinity for minimalism, interior design, photography, nature, wellness and conscious lifestyles.

This is my creative space where I post my work, from articles commissioned by different magazines to blog posts and personal thoughts.

I write about fashion, art, books, how to upscale your wellness, sustainable lifestyle & how to become a tad more conscious. Find me on MEDIUM as well.

I believe that overconsumption is a major problem these days and as I am trying to be a mindful consumer I want to make others aware that we can actually vote with our wallets. It’s not about making others feel guilty, but about starting the conversation, exploring our desires and what drives us to buy and understanding that fashion, style, luxury and even comfort can all be sustainable. I love discovering intriguing brands that make a difference, creating style mood boards for editorials, and putting together a range of products (for shopping pages), from fashion to interiors and even beauty that cover a lot of needs, without creating a lot of waste.

I’ve explored the topic of ditching overconsumption through my magazine Divest, which was part of my MA final project, but continued a bit after graduation as well. Find out more here.

In the last 2 years I’ve written for different publications and brands such as The WOW Magazine, Fashion Scout, The Bare Minimum Magazine, DOSE Magazine, Loanhood, Ikigai the Magazine, Urban Gilt, University of Arts London’s blog. I’ve also been an intern at Marie Claire UK, where I’ve been in charged of the fashion closet & helping the PR team, and at Fashion Crossover (a designer service platform from London, where I’ve helped stylist to pick the right itmes for their photo shoot & help the customer service team). I’ve also been a dresser for a fashion show during London fashion Week, which help me understand better the life behind the scenes of fashion shows.

For my master’s degree, I’ve studied Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and graduated in 2020 with a Merit Award. My bachelor degree is also in journalism from the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, in Cluj-Napoca.

At the moment, alongside content creation, I am working as an ecommerce merchandiser for an international fashion home brand- Buster + Punch, where I improve the brand’s SEO, I post, build and edit product pages, category pages, blog posts, I keep track on the costumer behaviour and come up with solutions to improve the user experience and make more sales. I make sure that all our websites have the right content, that the products launch on time and that everything works and is configured correctly.

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