Black Friday can be a great trigger for this guilt even if you choose or not to buy something, sometimes is enough just to observe your friends, family and the media. So, how can we deal with it?

RO: În timp ce încercam noii mei bocanci și le admiram culoarea, mă gândeam ce bine aduc a piele de om și am realizat că nu am idee din ce fel de piele sunt făcuți. Ceea ce m-a făcut să mă întreb care este cea mai sustenabilă variantă, pielea naturală sau cea ecologică?

A Cut Above Exhibition involves a curation of six pioneering brands breaking boundaries and taking fashion to the next level with their creativity. Here is a summary about each brand and what to expect from them:

RO: În ultimele luni marile branduri pe care le găsim prin mall-uri și-au anulat comenzile pentru noile colecții, deși multe erau deja în fabricație sau așteptau să fie livrate și au refuzat să își plătească furnizorii.

Kerry Bannigan, the founder of Conscious Fashion Campaign and Steve Kenzie, the executive director of UN Compact discussed during Pure London AW20/21 about role of the fashion industry in implementing and achieving these sustainable goals.

Taking a minimalist approach to life implies that we are going to get rid of things that we don’t actually need. But it’s not just about reducing the number of our possessions, it’s about being able to emotionally detach from objects. This however doesn’t mean you can’t value them or take care of them so... Continue Reading →

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