Minimal devices, heavy on the mind | Divest Mag How many times have you been caught in a feed scrolling paralysis? I can confess that it happens so often for me there is no way I could count.

Being a young adult and living on your own just from your paycheck is a less common scenario these days. But there is an affordable type of solitude out there if you are completely sick of people. I am talking about going all the way and renouncing your current life.

I tried a less commercial wellness treatment that has nothing to do with face masks or cleanse juices. It started like this: completely naked, I entered into an egg shaped spaceship, that somehow was really welcoming me inside

Taking a minimalist approach to life implies that we are going to get rid of things that we don’t actually need. But it’s not just about reducing the number of our possessions, it’s about being able to emotionally detach from objects. This however doesn’t mean you can’t value them or take care of them so... Continue Reading →

It has been debated in many articles and talks, “Is being a minimalist a privilege?” Most of them concluded that “Yes, it is”. But could minimalist thinking, the privilege that it is, benefit both the poor and the rich? I am writing this sitting at a public table in Westfield (a huge mall in London).... Continue Reading →

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