Exploring the relationship between grace, movement, cloth and functionality. I believe a single piece of clothing should be used in as many ways as possible, therefore I played with three main looks by making slight changes to the outfits in order to experiment how the anatomy of the picture changes. It's a story about the... Continue Reading →

We take a look in the mirror everyday, but most of the time we don’t see ourselves. Through this editorial we’ve explored the idea of trying to get in touch with your inner self, but not being able to.

Before everything there was a garden

It was grey, cloudy day and we’ve decided to bring the summer back. We’ve spent the day shooting at the Botanical Garden from Cluj-Napoca and we totally forgot about the cold outside. For a few hours we were more connected to the plants than to the city life. If you feel like you need a break, immerse yourself... Continue Reading →

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