Circular economy in fashion, the business model we need to see more often- TBM4

This article was written for The Bare Minium Magazine, the 4th print issue. We take, make and dispose. We like everything to be out of the box, quality still being associated with newness. A stain on a shirt means a new shirt, the old one being tossed in the garbage. We keep going in a [...]

Democratization of fashion through blogging

Fashion blogging seems to be the real deal these days. Readers trust and praise the fashion bloggers more than ever, and they even aspire to become like them, secretly wishing to dethrone them one day. Fashion bloggers are now part of the fashion sphere, but when they first emerged in mid-2000 they were not taken [...]

From boating shoe to catwalk shoe

Who knew that foam would become a stylish fabric used in fashion shows? The one-piece foam mold crocs are more popular than ever, and they had quite an evolution. Initially designed as a boating shoe, now, crocs are on a different type of deck. They completed the outfits in the fashion shows of Christopher Kane [...]

Brands started to care about sustainability. This doesn’t mean you do too

The interest in sustainable fashion increases for buyers as well as for brands. In 2018 big names from the fashion industry started to work toward becoming sustainable, but this doesn’t make us sustainable buyers. I believe in a sustainable lifestyle. I am also a hypocrite for saying that after buying a pair of lavender pants [...]