Urban Gilt

I was part of the team that did the campaign plan to tell the Urban Gilt story. This included digital and print copy, imagery and video to use on both the website, social media and at any future events of the brand. For 4 months we worked together in order to develop a marketing campaign, content and re-branding for Urban Gilt.

My main role was of a content creator. I wrote and planned the articles for the Urban Gilt’s blog- The Gilty Report.

The blog aims to provide content for female entrepreneurs, the topics being focused on work, wellness, lifestyle, and style. We worked together to come up with a set of articles for the re-launch of the website.

The subjects for the articles are:

Read here- https://www.urbangilt.com/blogs/the-gilty-report


  • Female leaders are not bitches
  • Top 11 podcast for entrepreneurs


  • Stop being a slave to your phone, a friendly reminder
  • Use the stress in your advantage


  • Packing smart for your business trips


  • Here’s what your favorite fragrance says about you

Sneak peek into some articles:

Final project presentation: