A Vote of Self Confidence from THISNORTHAT at LFW

Article for Fashion Scout

This season THISNORTHAT presented their debut collection at Fashion Scout. THISNORTHAT aren’t concerned about labels, they aim to make adults act like children again and are interested in countering social issues with fun solutions. Their motto is “we stand by our design as our identity, not our label.”

THISORTHAT philosophy is that they are building their own aesthetic without following the latest trends in fashion, but their own instinct.

The SS20 collection was full of positivity, bright colours, structured silhouettes and cuts. Through this collection the designers want to show how mixing the practical and the imaginative can result in a desirable product. This season THISNORTHAT encourages living your life to the fullest for yourself and no one else. They inspired from the individual’s desire to succeed, to get over isolation and what other people think. The collection it’s a celebration of what is important in life and that is feeling good about and with yourself, regardless of what the social norms dictate.

The designers behind the brand, Lin Yubo and Chen Lizhen met at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, and 15 years after graduation they established the THISNORTHAT brand. From having similar tastes to becoming like-minded partners, together they are exploring clothing contradictions and ways of bringing them to life. Li Chen focuses on pattern making, while Yubo creates balanced contrasts and exaggerated silhouettes. Li is inspired by the functionality of clothes, while Yubo uses colour to break the norms of design. Each season the designers work on a series of prints to which they add their TTHISNORTHAT’S signature.

Lin Yubo and Chen Lizhen

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